Farewell Fringe

It was a long final day in Exeter for us. Our last show started 45 mins late due to the previous show overrunning. This was a bit frustrating when we knew we were heading back to London that night and that delay would impact on our return time. So after the show we did the get-out & packed it into the tour bus. We had a quick farewell drink and then hit the road under guidance from Sheila (the name of Sarah-Jane’s Satnav).

Celebratory drinks at the Bike Shed

Sheila wasn’t a great fan of the final 3 junctions of the M4 being closed – neither were any of us to be honest but we could accept the situation, unlike Sheila who persisted to try & get us back on to the closed M4. So at 2am we found ourselves heading straight into Central London.

Paper Tom arrives in the West End

We definitely need to update Sheila before we set off on tour in Autumn.

After dropping everyone else off Sarah-Jane and me finally got back home at 4:30am. We then unloaded everything from the tour bus and grabbed a couple of hours sleep before setting off to return the vehicle to the hire company.

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