Research and Development (Patent Pedrick) (Part 2)

One research material we have been looking at a lot is Towards Retirement. Its a 64 page advice booklet produced by the Department of Health and Social Security for civil service employees to help prepare for retirement. This booklet was issued to civil service employees in the years approaching retirement age. The drawing on the cover of the booklet has a golf club with patent written on it – a spooky co-incidence indeed with Arthur Pedrick and his 4 golf patents.

 Handbook with golf club with patent on it
Towards Retirement civil service handbook

The publication date of this booklet looks to be early 1970’s, the most recent year referenced is 1969 but it mentions £’s so it is published after decimalisation in 1971.

It is written in a very practical tone and there are lots of illustrations in the booklet that also provide strong imagery from the era and echo some of the imagery we created in our earlier development.

Your Retirement: Working
Last day at work
Your Retirement: Holiday
Your Retirement: Pottery
Your Retirement: Funeral
A particularly uplifting retirement illustration

Colour TV / Interlude Films / Testcard F / Intermission Programmes / Trade Test Colour Films

Television is often regarded as a companion to the retired. Pedricks colour TV was a beloved possession and there are references in his patent applications to TV programmes he watched (The World About Us: “the Year of the Green Centre” BBC2 31.3.74) in GB1411354A and TV itself is described as a “window on the world” in GB1420426A. The repeated broadcast of Trade Test Colour Films broadcast on BBC2 between 1967 and 1973 also seem a likely influence/trigger on his patent ideas as many of these films share similar themes with his patents.

Testcard F (1967)
Testcard F (1967)
BBC “The World About Us” (1974)
BBC “The World About Us” (1974)

Interlude Films were made to fill in gaps in the TV schedule, intervals in plays and to also cover frequent technical faults and broadcast breakdowns. The Potters Wheel is perhaps the most iconic of these films. Interludes were sometimes more popular than the regular programming and epitomise a gentler age.

In Patent Application GB1439297A “Initiating A Controlled Fusion Reaction Using Deuterium And Tritium Pellets In Imploding Bullets Fed With Powerful Laser Beam Pulses” (1974) Pedrick cites his inability to raise the financial backing necessary to realise his patents as his Ginger Cat has found it impossible to break into the TV advertising “closed shop” of Tinned Cat Foods, and in fact “Ginger” prefers ordinary Corned Beef to most brands of Cat Food.

TV related patents:
GB1256350A “Television Using Colours Produced By Light Ray Scan Of Prismatic Surfaces On Screens Of Glass Or Other Suitable Materials” (1970)
GB1334503A “Coloured Light Ray Scanning System For NTSC PAL Colour TV Transmissions” (1972)
GB1348477A “Colour Television Using Lightray Created Images” (1973)
GB1391569A “Miniature Image Producing Spectacles And Binoculars” (1973)

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