The start…

Well everything starts somewhere and this is where this blog is going to start.

We are now just a week away from our 3 performances in Exeter as part of the Ignite Festival. On Friday Sarah-Jane and I went on a site visit to the Bike Shed Theatre. The venue is new to us and it was great to get a look at the space, pick up a programme (always exciting to see your show listing in the programme & that novelty hasn’t worn off) and just generally get our bearings prior to the company arrival next week. These upcoming shows in Exeter are a great opportunity for us to present the show to new audiences and build momentum for the Autumn tour.

Site visit to the Bike Shed Theatre
Me having a little looksee at the lighting board (a Zero88 Jester)

The process of creating a theatre show from scratch all the way through to its eventual touring has for me been like an egg and spoon race but at a marathon length. Hopefully this blog can serve as a document to the realities of touring new work in 2012.

Tomorrow rehearsals start…

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